Cross platform sampling technology - we have global samples.

We quality

Sample quality has always been the standard we pursue by mining real users of the organic environment and collecting basic attributes. We get their most primitive and true survey responses. And we have more than a million people in our system, so we can create very narrow positioning standards.

We can adopt a routing mechanism that changes from passive to active, matching the respondents according to the conditions of the survey. This is a great technology to somehow solve the collective fraud of sharing answers.

Fraud monitoring

Powerful digital fingerprint verification allows us to monitor time-lapse, multi-account fraud, and attempt to submit findings many times. This advanced level of fraud detection and large-scale network of respondents, we only accept real answers from real respondents and deliver quality data to you.

  • Fraud detection: We integrate anti-fraud artificial intelligence technology with a powerful digital fingerprint verification database. All fraud will be prevented.
  • We collect the unique user ID to verify each respondent and trace the IP of each respondent. Any proxy IP (VPN, VPS) is detected and terminated safely.

Sample role

We have the following roles in our sample to provide market research services.

The Socialite

Likes to stay connected with his friends, as well as post on blogs and social networks.

The Sportsfan

Likes to use his/her smartphone for exercise tracking, monitor his/her health status, as well as stay tuned about his/her favourite sports.

The Gamer

Enjoys to play and discover games.

The Entertainment Enthusiast

Enjoys watching movies, going to the theatre, reading movie ratings or play trivia games for popular movies and actors.

The Traveler

Likes to discover new places to visit, as well as points of interests, such as hotels and museums.

The Musicfan

Enjoys using his/her smartphone for listening to music, likes to be up-to-date for music news and get notified about concerts and music events.

The Productivity

Likes to engage with his/her colleagues and use business applications in order to be productive.

The Bookworm

Enjoys reading books, references and magazines, as well as use his/her smartphone for education-related applications and games.

Provide sample research support.

Fast and efficient

A large number of sample providers, we can provide samples very soon.

Real users

Only 4% of users have been part of the traditional market research team. This means that you can share real thoughts and opinions with non professional investigators.

Quality assurance

Powerful anti cheating mechanism to ensure the highest quality of every questionnaire.

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